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First Things First: Creating a Workspace

My husband has the patience of Job.

When I got it into my head that I would very much like to end my hiatus from the 1:12 world and bring my dollhouse out of the depths of my parents’ basement, I asked him if he’d be okay with it.

He said he was.

At some point I tried to express to him that he might not fully comprehend what it would involve, and mimed with my arms about how big the thing was. Also, by necessity it would have to go in his man cave. Still, he agreed.

Fast forward to the proceeding weekend and we have made the nearly two hour trip south in our Sebring convertible (a nice vehicle but hardly the sort needed for large loads), and he has expertly situated two dollhouses, three or four boxes of miniatures, the original kit box to one of the houses, an extension kit to that house, our suitcase, and assorted other items in said Sebring. We drove away waving to my parents and made the trip home.

Our condo has a lovely finished basement. One of the previous owners put a lot of TLC into its creation. Unfortunately, I had not given it much TLC as of late, and boxes of Christmas decorations along with piles of picture frames littered the floor. I’m not even going to mention when I had last vacuumed the carpet or dusted the paneling. And to this glorious mess I added two dollhouses and three or four boxes of miniatures, the original kit box to one of the houses, and an extension kit to that house. Yes, the man has the patience of Job.

Things certainly couldn’t stay as they were. For one thing, if I was to get any work done on the dollhouses I would have to have a place to do it in. Also, my hardworking, long suffering  hubby should get to use his man cave for game nights when he wishes, something I had been pushing off on account of the mess. So Monday I got to work. The end result of which you can see below:




The white folding table was there to begin with. I had tried to turn this end of our basement into an ad hoc home office for the hubby when he was working from home for a time. Turns out he didn’t use it, so I commandeered it. The two little tables next to it are the old end tables we used to have in our living room (one of which I attempted to spray paint white), and are nice and sturdy. The two plastic chests of drawers lived in an upstairs closet for years, holding clothing we rarely wore. I tossed the clothing in a big black trash bag and hauled the chests downstairs. They now work very nicely to organize and hold my materials. The extremely comfy office chair came as a hand-me-down from my grandfather. Add a couple of desk lamps we had sitting around and boom, I have a work space!

I will go into greater detail later about the two houses you see pictured. The Victorian is the one I am working on at present, the other is the dollhouse my father made me when I was little. I am tentatively planning on turning it into a Tudor cottage, but we’ll see!

The wooden box between the plastic chest and the Victorian house is a room box my grandfather made for me years ago when my parents and I were living in an apartment waiting for a house to be built and my Victorian house was sitting in a storage unit. No plan for it as of yet, but it certainly suggests plenty of possibilities.

Well, that’s that. I praise God for a place to get my miniaturizing done, and grateful to the hubby for forking over a section of the man cave. Time to get to it!



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