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Decisions, Repairs, and Paint

One of the first things that occurred to me when thinking about working on the dollhouse again was that it would require a new paint job. Not only because the extensions I wanted to add to it were as yet unpainted, but what looked good to me seventeen years ago doesn’t please me nearly as much now. So the old girl would need a new coat of paint.

Thankfully, I had spent the last few years working on painting our condo. At the urging of my mother-in-law I chose several colors to do up our home in and she very kindly purchased the original cans of paint as a birthday present. Three years later I now have several cans of paint of complimenting colors resting on basement shelves. After a little thinking, I decided which colors should go where.

For the main color of the house I decided on Valspar’s Woodlawn Silver Brook (5001-1B), a lovely blue which I painted our master bedroom and you can see here if you scroll down a bit. I decided on plain white for the trim, pillars, shutters, etc. and Valspar’s Fairmont Penthouse Stone (6008-1C) for some of the accents, which you can see here. Exactly how much of the Fairmont I will be using I’m not quite sure.

Although the gray stain on the shingles should work well with the house’s new colors, I believe I may brush them with something to make them look a bit weathered, especially as I had to replace a shingle with one that was unstained.

But before I could get painting, there were repairs to be made and dust to be wiped away. I pulled off the old gingerbread and the railings and porch pillars that I could get loose. The exterior was wiped with a damp cloth and shingles and trim glued back into place. At last, I pulled out some small brushes and got to work.


It’s hard to see in the above picture, but the wall facing the camera has already been painted with the Woodlawn. It takes two coats, but looks quite nice when finished.


Painted all of this section with its first coat yesterday. Hoping to get coat #2 on today.


I am quickly discovering why the kit instructions tell you to paint pieces before assembly. Painting around the smaller details is slow going and tedious, but I believe will be worth it in the end!

God bless!


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