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Patience and Primer

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday afternoon and a blessed day!

Well, thanks to the viral bronchitis I’ve been struggling with for nearly two months, I wasn’t able to spend hours and hours on the dollhouse this weekend as I would have liked but I did manage to get a little done (no pun intended). Having to rest does have its good points though. As I was laying in bed I got a fair amount of pinning done on Pinterest and found what look to be several awesome tutorials on making miniatures and miniature construction. Praise God for those lovely people who can make something stunning out of cardboard, glue, and a little paint.

So, my plan is to paint the pieces of the extension I plan to attach to the main house as I have the paint cans open. I painted the milled front and side pieces with the blue I’m using for the main body of the house.


SO much easier painting pieces that haven’t been assembled yet! I sanded them with 100 grit sandpaper once their first coat dried, then gave them a second coat.

That done, I also took some sandpaper to the dark green bits attached to the dollhouse as the hunter green color was glossy. I figured I’d have an easier time of painting over it (especially since I’m turning them white!) if they were scratched up a bit. Once they were sanded and the dust vacuumed up, I started priming them.

I strongly dislike primer. It’s thin and streaky, but at least it dries fast. I’m hoping it will save me on paint in the end.

This is where the patience part of this post’s title comes in. What you see below took three hours to complete. I had to use a size 0 brush part of the time, and even then I will be needing to go back after this is finished and touch up the blue where my brush strayed. Oh well.





I still haven’t finished priming the trim on the other side of the house. I hope to get that done tomorrow so I can start priming all of the pieces I pulled off of the house, and some that were never glued on in the first place. At least those should be easier to do. As it is, it is nice to now have a better idea of how things are going look when I’m done with the whole thing. The house is brightening up already!



God bless!





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