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New Roof and Bits and Pieces

This week was spent doing more priming, mostly on the previously painted, detached details of the house, most of which got a bit of sanding before getting primed:


The trim and shutters you see in the photo above did not come with the Alison Jr. kit. I’m doing a bit of kit bashing with this project, but I think that’s a big enough subject to get a post of its own someday.

After priming all of the little details on the body of the house, I stood there, staring at the roof. I needed to do something to it since I had an unstained shingle I had to glue in where one was missing and no longer had the grey stain my father and I used years before. I decided I would try to sort of white wash the shingles with thin white primer to hopefully produce a weathered look and hide the odd shingle, so I dipped my brush in the primer and had at it.

What resulted was a thicker coat of primer than I had planned for. Not to worry, I told myself. When it dries, I’ll give it a sanding and the grey will peek through as desired. Well, the  grey didn’t pop like I wanted and I ended up sanding through it in many places to bare wood. Still, I don’t think it looks half bad, and once the other primed pieces are nicely covered in paint, I think it will produce the desired look.




After sanding the roof I pulled out my can of white paint and got to work on the trim. It looks as though even with the primer I will need two coats of paint on whatever I want to turn white, which is aggravating seeing as it is a lot of work with a tiny brush and very slow going. It doesn’t help that my patience is further strained by fantasizing of what I want to do inside the house. When I’m not actively working on the house I’m often gathering resources and bookmarking tutorials. Can’t wait the have the outside looking nice and trim so I can get to work indoors!



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